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What are HR workflows?

HR workflows are a set of consistent and repetitive actions assigned to one or several people to run HR processes such as onboarding or payroll. 

HR workflows exist in many different forms across all organisations, but they’re specifically important to help set the right foundations when it comes to small businesses. 

With the help of HR software, small businesses get the opportunity to automate their HR workflows, resulting in smoother processes that have the right impact on the company as a whole.

Onboarding and checklist workflowsOnboarding and checklist workflows mobile

What are the benefits of automating your HR workflows? 

HR automation can be very helpful for a business that’s looking to scale and repeat a process indefinitely and consistently. 

Not only can it save you a lot of time, but it can also ensure you make better use of available resources with processes that run themselves and that are free from human error. 

For small businesses and startups, in particular, HR workflow automation will allow you to set up strong foundations – no need to hire an HR person to fill in the gaps, automation takes care of all the admin for you.  

  • A shared platform that securely stores all documents and makes it easy to work for remote teams

  • A system that runs itself with time-off requests that you can approve, deny or delegate in one click

  • A self-service onboarding process where new starters fill in their details and upload their documentation whilst getting a warm welcome

Automate your HR
Automate your HR
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How can CharlieHR help me automate my HR workflows?  

Built with small businesses and startups in mind, Charlie’s got the easiest set up process on the market – ready in just a few clicks, no starting fee and no training required for your team. 

If you’re looking for software to support your HR foundations as well as carry you through an expansion, Charlie offers a great solution that’s fit for a small business or startup budget. 

Here are the essential HR automation workflows it covers: 

  • Time-off management – team members submit requests that you can approve or deny in one click 

  • Self-serve onboarding – no need for you to take care of the admin, your new starter can fill in the details on their own

  • Employee records – get all your employee information stored in the same secured place

Get rid of spreadsheetsGet rid of spreadsheets

What HR workflows can I introduce as I grow? 

Charlie sets you off on the right foot right from the beginning, but it can also help you go further in the journey towards advanced HR automation. 

Once you have the basics in place, you can choose to implement processes that will be crucial to building happy and high-performing teams in the long run: 

  • Performance reviews – a review process that runs itself and where managers and team members get to grips with meaningful conversations 

  • Engagement surveys – keep your finger on the pulse and listen to your team members

  • Perks – give your team members the rewards they deserve with discounts at more than 30,000 brands 

  • Integrations – integrate with the rest of your HR tech stack for more impact and less copying-and-pasting

More information on our HR automation examples guide. 

Reviews and survey workflows mobile
Reviews and survey workflows

Make your HR effortless


How do I create my own HR workflows? 


Creating your own HR workflows can be done by simply coming up, step by step, with scalable and consistent processes. 

You can choose to do this by yourself and assign each task to one or several people, but getting HR software to automate your HR processes will make it much more straightforward. 

With HR software like Charlie, for example, for example, you get to automate everything from onboarding to performance reviews. 

You don't need any training or long set-up times - your team can start using the platform in seconds. All you have to do is follow the instructions and use our help centre to get started, and you’ll never have to think about these processes again. 

Start a free 7-day trial today to try it out for yourself. 

What is the correct HR automation workflow? 


There’s no correct automation workflow per se. You can decide to automate your HR any way you want to or with any sort of HR automation tools, but bear in mind you’ll have less options when you’re a small business or startup. 

You’ll have to think about what is essential for you, and what can also be in your price range – that usually leaves out solutions such as Oracle or Monday as they’re too pricey and clearly not the right fit for a small business: too many options and a lack of focus will just confuse your team. 

You also want to go for HR software that’s easy to set up and get the grasp of by yourself whilst having the right amount of features.  

Again, there’s no right or wrong way to automate your HR workflows, but there might be some aspects you want to think about before making a decision. 

What is the difference between HR process automation and HR automated workflow? 


There’s no difference between the two and they both mean the same thing: using a solution that will help you set up a complete automated process for your HR tasks where you don’t have to get involved, except to get an overview of what’s been or not completed yet. 


“Charlie helped simplify our payroll, holiday and onboarding processes.”

Jess, Wonderbly

Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie

“Charlie makes for a great onboarding experience: I don't need to worry about forgetting anything and new hires get a warm, efficient and consistent welcome to our company every time.”

Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie, Mallow & Marsh

Ally Fekaiki

“The success of any company depends on the team that runs it. Charlie doesn’t just save me time – it gives me the headspace I need to support my team and help them to perform at their best.”

Ally Fekaiki, founder of Juno

Key HR software features for your small business or startup

👋 Onboarding

Welcome new team members and seamlessly collect their data

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📅 Time off

Let Charlie handle your time off admin for you

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📈 Reviews

Help your team to grow personally and develop professionally

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🗳️ Polls

Run engagement surveys that give your team a voice

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🎁 Perks

Give your team the experience they deserve

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💬 HR advice

Receive on-demand guidance from your dedicated advisor

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